Jackal Buzzard Tagging

Dr Lorinda Hart is doing her Post Doctoral Research, in the video below you can see Biolog's
Ben Hoffman assisting with the solar charged tracking unit.

Jackal Buzzards 1 from Lorinda Hart on Vimeo.

Future Projects

Crane project

Together with the Crane group of the EWT, we are looking at designing a tracking device suitable for this species. The idea is to put some trial devices on captive birds to look at harness design, placement of unit, and acceptance of the devices by the birds.

Ground hornbill.

As in the Crane project we are looking at a custom-designed tracking device for the species, to look at the number of factors influencing the long-term survival the species. As with the Crane units these will be fitted to captive birds to look at durability and acceptance of the devices by the birds.

Pelican project

Merrick a retired schoolteacher has been studying pelicans for the last 10 years at his own cost. Very little is known about this large fish eating species, to which Merrick has added vital information. One of the pieces of the puzzle that Merrick will not be able to solve is how far these birds travel between feeding sites and other movements, as Merrick only has led bands as a method of identification. GPS/GSM tags will allow Merrick to understand better the movements of this species, but needs help in finding the funds to purchase a minimum of five units.

Rehabilitated Eagle program

At present Raptor Rescue has a number of large birds of prey in the rehab facility. It is hoped to raise funding for transmitters on these birds